05 January 2012

Maybe I Should've Sued Instead of Married

Back in 1969 when I ran the red light that brought Officer Jack into my life with red lights flashing and his violation ticket book in hand, I was smitten. Unlike the woman in this article: MoneyHungryBroad,
I didn't see dollar signs when he wrote me the ticket, I saw stars. Then I sat by my telephone for 12½ hours before he called me. (I just KNEW he would call!) My response when he asked me out was not, "Talk to my attorney" but rather, "What took you so long?!"

42 years later, he claims that although I may have paid for the ticket;he has been paying ever since. (Cute, but oh so NOT true!)

Why are people so eager to sue one another these days? We don't even have an attorney and I hope we never do.
I'm just thankful that our story turned out to be quite a happy one.