05 December 2011

Brrrr... Someone Froze our Sunlight!

Seriously, we have not seen the sunshine since we left California! It has been freezing and foggy every day. We are burning through our wood, (pun intended!)

Walking through the woods is very eery. The fog has just enough moisure in it to wet things down then the frost comes. All the spiderwebs are showing up in the darndest places! There was one hanging from a 70' tall pine tree and it angled down to earth. With the frost, it looked like a kite string. We drove through it yesterday and it took quite a bit to break it. It made me wonder just how many spiders or spiderwebs we must breathe in on a daily basis without having any clue to their existence! (Here I thought I was a vegetarian....but after seeing their crisscross of webs where I walk, I'll lay odds I've eaten spiders!)

....Which reminds me of a camping trip years ago. I had a cast iron Dutch Oven outside the tent. One evening, I filled it with water and boiled up some pasta. I had it all made and was stirring the cheese into the "gourmet" meal when I discovered SEVERAL earwigs! OMG! They were impossible to retrieve. I just kept stirring and served it up. I figured if my family didn't know, I wasn't going to tell them. Besides, I'm sure it added a bit of protein to the meal.

This is our railing on our deck. I had no clue it was full of spiderwebs. One cannot see them in the sunshine. But the are certainly EVERY WHERE. (Trust me.)

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