21 December 2011

Cancer Sucks. Period.

Cancer does not effect only the person who has the horrible disease, but the family and loved ones surrounding him/her. I hate it. Who doesn't?

I hate the energy it sucks from everyone.
I hate the time it takes for all the tests, the bloodwork, then the "treatments." Time away from family, from work, from daily activities. Precious time.

And most of all, I hate the crap-shoot that the patient must play throughout the whole ordeal.
It is a crapsoot. Nothing more. Nothing less.
I'd rather play the lottery and I'm not a gambling person.

A friend of Joseph and Danette who has gone through the crap-shoot herself, sent Joseph a hat to keep his bald head warm. The words say it all.

F*#*! Cancer!


Soggibottom said...

Ah, Sandee .....
lots of good thoughts for your friend .

Life and other things go on, they make no allowance for one day in the year.......

Lots and lots of love and special thoughts and I'm with you with the hat XXXXXXXXXX

Kate Wille said...

Sandee, having gone through this with mom last year I couldn't agree more. I love the hat and the way your family is dealing with adversity. Love and good thoughts coming to you guys!