26 January 2011

Demo Has Begun

Demolition team in action....
Having way too much fun knocking down walls and building new ones.....
Out with the "old" and in with the new.

Yup, we are remodeling our bathroom. I guess Jack just loves building things then changing them. Either that or we watched too much HGTV when we had satellite service. We stopped the service to "save money"...Hmmmm, now we are spending it? Makes no sense to me but I'm along for the ride just the same.
It seemed that everyone on t.v. wanting to buy a home would get all ga-ga over the double bathroom sinks. Jack and I share quite nicely but we decided for "resale value" we would add a sink. (No we are not selling, but as long as he is able to do the work and wants to do it, now is the time.) Then came the thought that we had to somehow "hide" the toilet behind a privacy wall. Finally, we will get a jacuzzi tub for Jack's back so that will take more knocking things out.
In order to make the vanity longer, we needed to go into our closet. Then for the toilet space, we had to go into the closet too. So where to put more closet space? In the attic, of course. Since I emptied the attic of everything EXCEPT the bats, we had the space to expand.
I didn't think I'd have to select things like faucets, sinks, lighting and toilets, but we will be out looking on Saturday and making our selections. We have surfed the net to narrow down the basic styles we both like so it should be just a matter of getting what we like to fit our budget.

 I thought I best take a photo before it all started breaking down.
 Attic space to the left as you exit our closet.
 Attic space straight as you stand in our closet.
Attic space right (you can see our current closet door with the white frame.)

I'll post more as the work continues.

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soggibottom said...

Mess today, great new looking bathroom soon :-) Enjoy your dust Sandee, then think of all the hard work and your spanking new bathroom to come :-) x x x