04 January 2011

Highly Prized #2

I'm not going to sketch every day. I've decided not to rush the process of getting back into sketching.
This one was done rather quickly. What I've learned from this one:
1) I need to wait until I've drawn more before using a 6B pencil.
2) The cross poles are too thin.
This will be a good subject to attempt again later in this process.
Practice, practice, practice!

My clothesline is very important in my life. I have such wonderful memories of both of my grandmothers hanging laundry and Mom hanging laundry. Mom even hung hers outside when it was freezing. She'd bring them in stiff as a board.
Not only do I have great memories of the laundry, the wringer washing machines, the wash board,  the wooden racks by the stoves; but also of the women doing the work at hand.
I'm thankful for Jack who has provided me with my clothes lines wherever we have lived.

Both of my girls hang their clothes out to dry as often as they can.
Hopefully, they too have good memories of their mom hanging clothes on the line.


Amy said...

Awesome.....I'm livng your sketches! I WISH I had a good clothesline....I'd hang mine out more often if I had a better/bigger line. I just LOVE the smell of clean clothes off the line.

Mary Q Contrarie said...

Nice sketch. I have a couple clothes drying racks that I dry things on year round since I can't stand the thought of paying utilities for something that can be done so naturally and gently.