06 January 2011


We have a solar hot water heater. We re-route the water during the winter so the pipes don't freeze. For some reason, Jack didn't want it on the roof of the house so it sits out near my clothesline. This is a good visual of why we disconnect it.
There is nothing like solar. It feels so good to know that the sunshine did all that work for free! I say "for free" because this water heater has more than paid for itself! 
After this photo, the sun popped out and melted the snow only to turn to freezing fog all week long! Brrrr, I can't find enough layers of clothing to keep me warm. Each day, I add more and more layers hoping that I'll find the magic combination as I stand outside doing bus duty or yard duty.
(I am so not a snow person.)


Anne's Original Hooked Rugs said...

Just received our first snowfall overnight; however, it is sunny now and the snow is melting...How nice!!!

Terrie said...

We're cold here, around 10 degree. But your snowfall makes freezing. How long will it last? Sent you email France info and my photo album just now. Hope you find it useful.