22 January 2011

Silly Me

I had no clue that I actually posted something with that collage of photos. Too funny. Okay, now the details: I went on a 4-day quilting retreat. If too much fun were against the law, I'd be in prison right about now. It was the best.
My sis, "Tiny Iny", flew down from the San Juan Islands and joined us. (I won't discuss her many problems with her flights just now.) We laughed and giggled and even piled into the same bed together at night. Neither one of us wanted to be all the way across the room from one another since we don't have much time together. We didn't even know we were in the same bed. In the mornings, I asked if she'd snuck out of the room; she'd ask the same of me. We have the same sleeping styles: curl up in a ball like a cat, sleep and don't move until morning.
The only difference is I'm awake and my feet hit the floor about 4:00 a.m. and she likes to continue dreaming. She also lays awake at night for about two hours before falling asleep....hey, not me.

There was good food, good laughs, good quilting, good learning and good hikes. I'm ready to go back and stay a month! I didn't want to come up for air it was so amazing.
 Ina learned to machine quilt!
 One of the creeks we hiked along.
This quilt was pieced by one of the gals, then three of us machine quilted it and a fourth one sewed the binding all around. It is to donate to a nonprofit. Pretty sweet, huh?
I'll post the photo of the quilt top I made when I'm finished quilting it....say this summer?!


soggibottom said...

Wonderful quilt Sandee. All that hard work that has gone into it's creation. I love looking at quilts.

No law about laughing my friend, pleased you had such a good time :-) x x x

Amy said...

Sounds like SO much fun! I'd love to go on a scrapper's or crocheter's retreat/Getaway like that!