06 July 2011

OUCH ! @#!*

Oh yeah, that hurt.
Here I am, supposedly going to teach my young granddaughter how to sew. Uh huh.... sure, first, I have to repair my grandson's favorite "blankie".
Next thing I know, I'm sewing through my finger AND my fingernail!
I was bleeding through the top of my fingernail as well as the bottom of my fingertip.
Then I saw the needle....

When it hit the bone in my finger, it must have just bent up! It looks like a darning needle.

Oh dear, how do I explain this to my new student???

1 comment:

soggibottom said...

Nana makes mistakes !
Nana sometimes messes up :-) x x x
Don't we all.... ah, hope that finger is feeling better..... x x x