22 July 2011

Wenatchee, WA

I realize that I have posted photos from trips to Wenatchee before, but somehow, this city just keeps calling me. Eastern Washington tugs on my heartstrings in a way that no other countryside has ever done.

This is Castle Rock. Unless you are looking at it from a certain viewpoint, the castle blends into the hills.

A high school teacher, students, the City of Wenatchee and some businesses teamed up to enhance this area of town with a mural painted by the students. Each panel shows a different activity that the locals can enjoy in and around Wenatchee.

The electric company has built up a gorgeous park along both sides of the Columbia River. Not only are the trails great for walking, jogging, riding bikes, etc.; but the artwork along the way was to me a special bonus.

This was one big cat.

Tall poles were set with plywood on top so the osprey could make their nests. This one was busy hauling yet more sticks into this already huge nest.

There were lovely flower gardens along the way too. If anyone knows the name of this flower, please let me know.

This was looking up river towards where we stayed in Entiat.

It's windy along the river but it felt good to both of us.

This amazed me: at the County (or State) Park, they have these life jackets near the boat launch for people to borrow and put back when they are done using them! Free of charge; it was the Honor System. One more reason to want to live in Wenatchee.

As we were leaving, a pretty double rainbow graced the sky. It actually got brighter as time passed.

If anyone needs directions, just let me know. I may just want to hitch a ride with you!

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