27 July 2011

Time for a New Bra

I know, I know....talking about a new bra isn't what one would expect to see on a blog. Nor would one expect to see a photo of a bra cut up into pieces....but I'm not what people expect either. I hate buying new bras. (No, I don't buy old bras either even though the Good Will is my favorite store to shop at!)

I wish I had a dollar for every time I have gone bra shopping and turned up empty handed. They just don't make them to fit my body shape. Once again, I need to buy a bra. Grrrrrrrr. I decided that in order to get a new bra, I had to cut my old one up. This way, I cannot leave the store without one. I can't escape when the piped-in music drives me crazy. I cannot escape when the price tag sends me through the roof. I will chain myself to the display rack until I find something. I am so NOT looking forward to this shopping trip.

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Kate Wille said...

Sandee, I've discovered that you have to pay a little extra to get a bra that fits well. Once I gave in, life was just easier! Go down to the Comfort Zone Boutique by the Harry and David's store, and they can measure you and get you in a new (well fitted) bra. I promise it will be worth it! (My mom went there after her mastectomy, and they are awesome.)