20 July 2011

Surprise Attack

My BFF, Sandy, just accepted a position as minister in Cashmere. Within 30 days time, she had to pack her lifelong belongings, clean her house to sell, organize the move of about 1200 miles and relocate her two dogs and two cats. Moving with her and helping with the details was her 30 year old daughter, Alyssa.
Their journey took three days and about ten times that number worth of stories to tell along the way. Settling in has been less than pleasant with horror stories to tell about their house! I'll spare you all the details, but one week later, they were both questioning their decision to move.
Enter me and my family and my friends to change Sandy's and Alyssa's outlook! The story in photos:

Before leaving home, I had to scramble to pick the boysenberries from our neighbors' bushes since they were on vacation and left the berries to us. MMmmmmm....
 Then to Washington where we stayed at Mom's one night then took her to Ina and Warren's lovely home in the San Juan Islands.

 It was really tough staying there two nights.

Did I mention that I had taught Ina to quilt not too very long ago? Check out the fabrics in her stash; whereas she had NO stash a few years ago.

She even made this lovely quilt to donate to Friends of Zanika to raffle off. The proceeds go to help rennovate Camp Fire's Camp Zanika Lache. Want to buy some tickets?... just let me know! 

Then over the Cascades to get ready for our surprise.

Mom, Ina and me along the Wenatchee River. It smells so good there. 

Through Leavenworth, which is a Bavarian style town which draws tourists from all over the place. It had grown a lot since I had been through there last.

 We drove through Cashmere and I waved, (just for Sandy and Alyssa!)
Then to the Columbia River headed to Entiat. Notice the trees are gone. It's as if they all fell off the hills and into the river, the change was so drastic.

The view from our house was absolutely gorgeous. The smells here were so different from up the highway by the Wenatchee River. Different and yet so amazingly wonderful.

Mom and Ina enjoying the HEAT!

Jack and Warren enjoying the view and the brew.

Here we all are at the only Mexican restaurant in town.
The food was delicious so we really lucked out.

Heading close to Cashere. This photo is so Sandy's SoCal friends can see the lay of the land where she is now living!

I was so excited, I could hardly contain myself. I was ready to jump out of the car and start jogging. Me, the NON-jogger! "Hurry up, Jack, drive faster!" (I can't believe I actually said those words. I'm usually yelling at him to slow down!)

We got there so early, we had to hide outside the church so Sandy wouldn't see our Oregon plates and figure out why I wasn't answering my home phone!

We all snuck in the back door until Sandy spotted Mom. It confused her at first, then she saw my curly gray hair and knew we were in not only her new town, but her new church as well!

(She would be the short one in green and white.)

From church, we went to Jan and Blake's home. They graciously offered their home for a bbq and our get-together so everyone could meet Sandy & Alyssa and spend time together.

Here the ladies are. Although we didn't post any "Men Not Allowed" signs, it was certainly a segregated group!

This is of the Maringo Road bunch. (Notice our hostess is the only one drinking. I think the stress of me having a party at her house must have forced her to tip the bottle!)

Here we are with three of my BFFs. I've known Sandy 40 years, Carmen 60 years and Jan 58 years.

Sadly, the gathering had to end and we headed back to Entiat. I loved this sign. I couldn't take my eyes off of the hills searching for the wild sheep but didn't see any.

The next day was saying good-bye to family, having lunch with Sandy and spending the rest of the day and evening with Jan and Blake. I'll report on that in my next blog. Wenatchee is such a cool city to visit that it deserves a posting of its own!
In the car on the way home, I discovered loose change at the bottom of my bag. Imagine my surprise to discover they were British pounds! Ina must have planted them in my bag as a hint that we need to plan a trip to England! Hmmmmm, Cornwall? Stonehenge? Doc Martin's village? Soggibottom? Big Ben? Sherwood Forest? Oh dear, this might take some fun sort of planning!, Thanks, Ina.

Outside of Ellensburg, the fields were ablaze with shades of green.

Over the hills towards Yakima and the hills started turning a rosy color behind the sage.

Leaving you with one photo of close to our home. Such diverse landscapes and all are equally beautiful. Dry or wet, brown or green or water blue.... we do live in a beautiful world.
Thanks Ina, Warren, Mom, Janice, Blake, Carmen, Jay, Sandy and Alyssa for a great time. I think I'll just leave my bags packed as we are headed for California in 10 days! Oh my!!


soggibottom said...

Sandee, thank you so much for such fantastic photo's and such a story :-) Hey..... one ticket is mine..
lots of love enjoy yourself :-)xxx

Terrie said...

You took us a GREAT journey. Brilliant views and feel your fantastic gatherings. Enjoy next trip to California.