08 August 2011

A Journey to Say Farewell

Our 1972 Chevy Van.
Basically, I have been the main driver on this van for 39 years. Both girls learned to drive in it and we saw a lot of the USA in it. Great times and wonderful memories. After 39 years, there had better be some good memories. I hauled Camp Fire girls all over the L.A. area in it and the camping trips are too numerous to mention.
When I decided to retire, I realized it would mean the van needs to retire as well. I won't be driving very often and we have a car and a truck. How many vehicles do two people need anyway?
Right about the time I knew I'd have to part with the van, Joshua started learning to drive. What a perfect fit. They can't afford to buy a car for him and my first ride in the van was when Jack brought it home brand new and took me to the hospital to have Kari! So it's gone full circle now.
Kari said "yes" they wanted the van. Joshua was stoked. He has thought of nothing since we told him he could have it if he wanted it.
So begins the journey:
Jack drove the van over the mountains and I drove the Subaru.

Last gas in Oregon.

At a rest area in CA.

Josh, Jarod and Jacob waiting in the front yard for us to pull up with the van.

The handing over of the keys. Of course, we later went to DMV and transfered the van legally.

I guess it is going to get a bath once a week whether Josh drives it or not! He is one very excited young man.

I thought I would cry and get a lump in my throat. I always told Jack he would have to bury me in the van because I didn't want to ever drive anything else.
So how did it come to giving it away? I figured the next best thing was to keep it in the family.
Josh is so excited and Jacob and Jarod are already counting the years until they will get to drive it. So it has made them all very happy and isn't that what life is about? To be happy and to help others to be happy? So I'm not sad.
I just hope they have many safe trips in that '72 Chevy van.


Eileen said...

your such a good GRANDMA!! well actually your just a GREAT person!! I miss you sooo much. It looks like you had a terrific time with your girls and grandchildren. I'm glad you were ok with leaving your pride and joy in good hands... it kinda choked me up thought!! I will miss old nellie bell!!

soggibottom said...

I've missed so much over the last few weeks :-) However :-) something tells me that this particular four wheels should have a surf board on a roof rack on the top :-) HAPPY DAYS MY FRIEND :-) X X X
Wheels are only wheels..... memories last forever ! X

Terrie said...

I can see how you happily enjoy your retirement. So free, so relax to spare precious moments with grandkid. Time flies, sounds they grown up overnight!
Thanks for your sympathy of my Tiger. WE're fine now.