16 August 2011

New Bracelet: $11.00,

Embroidery Project: $12.00, Ring Stuck on Finger in the Store: almost $5.00, Day Hanging Out With Friend: Priceless !!

Eileen and I went to Jacksonville and visited just about every store in town. One of the hardest decisions was where to have lunch because everything looked so good. We chose well; just don't ask me the name of the restaurant.

 (As a reminder: the one on the left is retired and the one on the right will be going back to school in a few weeks!)

I love the old paintings on the brick buildings.

Jacksonville was a gold mining town so scenes like this one are tucked here and there around town.

 If we would have ridden into town on horseback, it would have felt more natural to me.

The flowers were not only lovely to look at, but some were tasty to eat! Eileen even sampled a petal from a nasturshum. Mmmmm they are so firery, they clear my sinuses!

I want this statue!

The trolly runs around town with a guide telling the history.

I spent just the right amount of money, found everything I was looking for, the weather was perfect, we talked ourselves out and laughed like good friends should.
Thanks, Eileen!!


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wonderful photos and what a lovely way to spend a day...with a good friend.