13 August 2011

River Art Walk

We met with an old buddy of Jack's and his wife and checked out our annual River Art Walk. It was a hot, hot day and being along the river helped tremendously. It was great seeing so many artists in one area. I do hope they all sold their art. We bought some gifts so that was fun to help some starving artists!

The river was like a freeway in the middle of Los Angeles; there were so many rafters spending the day on the water.

The four of us.

Jack is checking out the fly tying demo.

Some of the art booths along the path.

We decided to walk across the bridge and have lunch outdoors on the patio.

Here is the view from Miguel's Guadalajara Restaurant looking across at the River Art Walk.
All in all, it was a great RETIRED day.

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Amy said...

That looks like SO much fun!!!