13 August 2011

A Senior Citizen Lives Here!

It's official: Jack is 65 and is carrying a Medicare card in his wallet. How the heck did that happen?! I'm married to an old man. (Well, for another three months--then I turn 65!)
Well, happy birthday, Jack!
Since I believe whole-heartedly that everyone deserves a homemade birthday dessert on his/her birthday.... I made Jack a chocolate-chocolate cake.

 Now comes the challenge of cleaning my "white" grout from all that deep, dark cocoa powder I managed to spill as I made the cake. (He is sooooOOOo worth al the trouble!)

1 comment:

Soggibottom said...

Jack :-) You are only that age on paper :-) With Sandee I don't believe for one moment you really feel like 65 :-) Have great fun on your birthday. :-)
Lots of love from over here and can I please have some of that cake it looks soooooo good :-)
:-) x x x