06 August 2009

#217 Chocolate Droppings

Some folks have problems with mouse droppings, I have problems with chocolate droppings! I dove into my sewing/chocolate stash drawer to get my button tin. When I removed the tin, I found a huge circle of chocolate crumbs. With further digging and removing of stuff, I discovered the drawer was layered with chocolate droppings. I grabbed the vaccuum cleaner and removed the evidence. Just as I was finishing, I realized it would have made for a fun photo.... so you get just a few droppings!
Hmm, looks like I need to go shopping, my stash is getting low!


Norma said...

now I will know where to look when i visit and need a chocolate fix.

Meg said...

OMG. My chocolate doesn't ever make it into a drawer and if there are droppings they are all over me!!!!!! I'd love to help you refill your drawer!!! meg

(Of course emptying it again would be fun as well!)