08 August 2009

#219 KidSpree

Volunteers lined up to shop with kids at JC Penneys.
250 kids from our valley were selected to receive free school clothes, breakfast and backpacks filled with school supplies at our annual KidSpree event. Adult volunteers were matched with children in need and the adults took the kids shopping. A $100 gift card is used for each child and watching the tremendous sales plus a 20% off of everything purchased gives the kids a lot of buying power.
I love volunteering for this event. Just knowing that so many kids are going to have a positive entry to the new school year feels good.
I got paired with a boy who had more energy than 3 of my grandsons put together so the store went by in a blur to me. He wanted to ride the elevator so what the heck? We rode the elevator and he walked the wrong way on the escalator until he ran into traffic going the "right" way...then he'd turn around and join me. He was sweet and we had a great time.
The community is so generous to provide everything needed to pull off this event every year. And I thank JC Penneys especially for hosting the event and for putting so many smiles on so many faces.


Eileen said...

What a awesome turn out.... I'm soooo sad!! I wish that I could have been there, I think that there should be a law against getting sick in the summer!! I’m still not feeling well, and I have an ugly cough now. (In your bottom pic. are Rachael's best friend and her Mom... good job!)

Eileen said...

opps, I mean top pic... lol it's the med's!!!