14 August 2009

#225 When 50% Off is a Sad Thing

Our little quilt shop is going out of business. After four years, Barbara can no longer keep the doors open. As I painted the windows this time, I actually cried. We tried everything we could to help her stay in business. Several of us would work all day for free as she took some time off. We brainstormed in her back room with ideas of how to get more customers in the door. Finally, we met several times trying to for a Co-Op where several of us would buy her out. But that would take much longer than she has because we have to see an attorney and get all the kinks worked out prior to doing anything. So 50% off is a sad thing for us. I have made my contribution by stocking up on as much fabric as I feel I can because she doesn't have space for any of it at her home. I think I even offered to house some of it at my place but I'm not sure if she trusts me on that one!

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Sheri said...

I'm sorry to hear this. I worked for my family's business for many years and last year we decided to close our doors as well. Fortunately we all found jobs we are happy in but it was so sad to see it all go away after 40 years.

Good luck to you. I wish you the best.