20 August 2009

#231 Libby Lehman

Okay, this is the woman who led the quilting classes I took on Monday. She allowed me to photograph her sample quilts in the room, but due to copyright laws, I don't want to chance posting them on my blog. Instead, you can find her incredible work at her website:
Check out her gallery and quilts for sale. Unbelievable talent! And what a hoot. She has this wonderful soft Texan drawl and had me laughing all day. Great attitude. Great artist. Great fun. It was a day well spent! Thank you Libby and thank you Top Stitch ,(Bernina dealership in Medford), for organizing the classes.

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Meg said...

Wow. The examples on line of Libby's work are very impressive. They leave me with questions about how and make me want to touch them. Are they full size quilts? Or art hangings? Will you try her techniques on a project? Very "cool". Meg