16 August 2009

#227 Wanted: Psychiatrist - Cheap!

I know, I've posted photos of my packed bags before and I have thought about it and I've told myself I don't need to pack so DANG far in advance. I wasn't even going to admit that I'm all packed for Virginia and I don't leave until SEPTEMBER 10th.
So I have this great idea on how to get cured from this ailment: A Reality Show. A psychiatrist could follow me around with a camera crew to film my daily activities. Every once in awhile, (that's putting it mildly)...when I'd do something weird, the show would switch to the psychiatrist's office and he/she would then psychoanalyze my actions. At the end of the show, I could get some advice or whatever they do and the next week, the viewers would see if I'm improving! Kind of like a t.v. show where people are taught what NOT to wear and what clothes they should wear, then they go shopping and if intervention is called for, the hosts run in and help out.

Added to the "drama" would be all my psycho friends and the cameras could go off and film them too. Oh, here's a good one, they could film the kids at school with their behavioral "issues". OMG, the show would be never ending if that happened.

Meanwhile, I'm stuck with packing weeks and even months ahead of time. Luckily for me, I have more than one duffle bag - we leave for Sacramento on Friday and that is another bag entirely.


Eileen said...

your sooo funny.... and this is why I love you soooo much!! Is there any room for a passenger in your carry on??? I've never been to Virginia... :O)

Amy said...

Are you THAT excited about coming to see me?? LOL!!!!!!!

Sandee said...

Yes, I am that excited, Amy!!! even have the days counting down on my calendar!!!! Yay! I can't wait to meet you and your family up front and personal!