17 August 2009

#228 No More Deer Food

Poor Jack does't have a chance with me in his life! He is so busy working on projects for Danette's house addition plus other orders that float his way. Then I go and whine about the deer eating the horses' hay. Jack first put wood along the sides and wired the entrance area and put up an electric fence. Deer mangled that. Then up went stiff field fencing; they went over the top. So up goes chicken wire on the top portion. More mangling. Then I dragged a mess of peeled poles and stood them up like prison bars, plus the wire. That only made for a pile of mangled wire in with the downed poles...and they were heavy so nothing was stopping them.
Finally, Jack built these awesome gates. He used the old wood from our deck so the only cost was the hardware. We can still get the truck backed up to unload hay, yet this keeps the deer out. YAY!! I do love this man!
Whew! Now I'm trying hard to keep my wish list to myself. (I've got it written down and in my "chocolate" drawer so the list grows along side of me when I get the urge to eat chocolate. That makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?)

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