06 October 2009

#279 Falling Letters

Years ago, when talking to Kari about her youngest son, Jarod, I had asked if he could write his name. She paused and said, "Yes, and the letters look like snowflakes falling from the sky." I had her send me a paper with his name written on it...she had described it perfectly!
Last week, I attended a meeting at another school and saw these lady bugs outside the kindergarten room. I thought of Jarod's snowflake letters when I saw these two bugs. It isn't quite the same because Lily and Easton were trying to keep their names inside the space provided, but I love the way in which children learn. Check out Lily's big spots and Easton's little freckled spots. Too cute.

1 comment:

Amy said...

That's too cute.....when Jon was little & first learning to write his name he always wrote the letters backwards....he was noj....too funny.