13 October 2009

#282-#286 California Bound and Back

So we had a whirlwind weekend. I had Friday off and we jammed to CA. We had to go to Danette's to give her a piece of molding Jack had made for her remodel, then over to Kari's to spend the weekend. I ended up calling in "sick" on Monday so we could have more time visiting. Actually, my call said, "I am sitting in CA in my daughter's back yard and I don't feel like driving home today so I won't be at work tomorrow." Hey....no lies there!

We gave Josh & Jacob each a BB gun for their birthdays and Jarod some figurines he wanted. Snake Eyes and Optimus Prime??? What do I know?? Anyway, we had to take them out in the hills to shoot their guns. What a kick. I ended up being the "pack mule" and loved every single minute of it.

Here are some photos of our weekend.

Okay....guess there won't be any photos afterall. I got a new camera and it takes such sharp photos, the end up being HUGE files and I can't upload them. Hmmmmm, I 'll work on this and see what I can do. Meanwhile, I'm going back to my old camera!

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