08 October 2009

#281 Eileen, My Co-Heart in Caring

Here Eileen and I are dressed alike (not planned) ....the last day we could wear sandals as the weather turned cold! Anyway, in Language Arts class, the students are doing Acrostics - ('have no clue how to spell it!) I thought I'd do one for my buddy and co-worker and co-heart in caring/volunteering, Eileen.
E nergized
I ncredible
L oving
E nthusiastic
E ncouraging
N ice
She is without a doubt the best sport this side of the Mississippi River!!! I volunteer her for things he has no clue of and when informed of what I've done, she always agrees with a HUGE smile. She is there for anyone and everyone; always giving of herself. And always with a beautiful smile.
She is one awesome lady and I must have done something right to have her in my life!

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