14 October 2009

Catchin' Up With Some Photos...

We dropped by Danette's and said "howdy"....she ended up coming down with the flu after we left so she will most likely hate me for posting this photo. Do I care? Nope! I just love her curly hair. Heck, I love the fact that she has hair...period!

Zoe wants to be a witch for Halloween and Kai is going to be her black cat. How cute is that??
Here's Kai in his "Black Pearl" tree house.
At last, Kari and her family were healthy and we got to spend 3 days with them.

Josh with his new BB gun. When you live in the city, this is a big deal!

Here's Grandpa Jack trying to help site the BB gun in.

And here are my "bad" boys....

Josh and Jacob in the tree.

Here they are....Josh, Jacob and Jarod....pretending to like one another!! ('not easy to do when one of them is being a pill....)

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Amy said...

Love seeing pics of your family!! Even those 'Bad Boys'! LOL