17 October 2009

#290 not MY grandsons!

I love to take photos of the boys at school with their baggy britches. I hope to present the photos to them on their high school graduation day so they can see how silly they looked in midlde school! So far, the styles haven't changed so they high schoolers still think it is "cool".
I was surprised to see MY very own grandsons with baggy pants. Actually, they told me they don't like the style and they both need belts. Guess what they are getting in their Christmas stockings from me???
Looking back on the style of the 50's, I know I must have made my folks cringe sometimes.
Seriously, if the baggy pants and shaggy hair is worn at school, I can deal with it as long as the kids are respectful -- so far so good this year!

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Amy said...

LOL...that's what Jon keeps telling me....that he needs a belt! He's getting one for Christmas too. ;-)