27 October 2009

#298, 299, 300 - catchin' up

OmG....I feel like I could sleep another week and feel good about it. Day 300?! How the heck did that happen?!! Only 65 days left of 2009. That's more scary than Amy's Scare Mare!!
So I've read 4 books and listened to one on tape and dove under my down comforter more times than I'm willing to admit. Today, I'm much better. I could have forced myself back to work but I had a sub willing to cover for me, so I figured...why not finish another book!!
I managed to walk outside and snap these photos - the elk are back and I have a new camera that zooms up so close, it's exciting! There are over 80 elk in this herd.
This is the normal view...the elk are in that upper strip of light green... an alfalfa field.

and this is the zoomed in view....


Meg said...

Wow, that camera is really impressive. How did you know to zoom in? It just looked like alfalfa to me. What kind of a camera is it?

We don't get elk here and I've only seen them a few times elsewhere. Exciting.

love you, Meg

Sandee said...

You can see the elk with the naked eye from here. They look like hay bales but tend to gather in certain areas so we know they are elk! Then we get out the binoculars and try and count them. They are beautiful but quite destructive. They cross Rogue River Drive about a mile from here and swim across the river. It's cool to see them crossing.