10 November 2009

#312 More of the show...

When you spend an entire year working on quilts to go into a show, it stands to reason that you could post photos of that show for a week or more! Not to mention I was one of the co-chairwomen of the show this year. No one wanted to chair the event and I'd done it for too many years to count, three others had done it for a couple of years so we decided to join forces and split up the work. It paid off. We not only had a great show, but we found a chairman and co-chairman for next year's show!

This was one of my favorites. Quilter Fran always makes something fun.

Quilter Mary took her granddaughter's favorite pants and put them into a quilt. How fun is that?! Then named it Miranda's Pants.

We all made beautiful quilted purses this year and filled them with all sorts of goodies. This is a shot of the raffle table. Nope...I didn't win a thing but a lot of other people sure took home the prizes.


Amy said...

Oh, I love that quilt with the ladies in the hats! What a fun event. Thanks for taking so many pics to share with us!!

Eileen said...

To have soo much talent in one room is just increditable!!
My fav was the slug bug quilt... not only because the MOST INCREDITABLE quilter/wife/mother/ grandmother/ co-worker/friend who made it which happens to be a woman who is TALENTED beyond imagination... she's also my partner in crime! :D
p.s. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!! you deserve it!!!!!