28 November 2009

#330-332 Oops!

Okay, once again it is proven that I cannot count backwards! Somehow, I messed up and it is actually Day #332 of the 365 I am attempting to do for this blog. This means just 33 more entries and I'm done! Whoo Whoo!!
Today is going to be a day to cut into some fabric. Zoe is going to be 7 years old next month. Her birthday party will actually be a tea party. She is going to invite a few of her girlfriends to do what anyone does at a tea party! Laugh, giggle and have fun.
The fabric comes in because I cannot make her party so I'm going to make something for her party.
This is fabric I'm going to use to make a Chirstmas dress for Zoe. The gold in it shimmers. I figure she can wear it for un-Christmas days as well.
This is fabric I'm going to make little quilted purses/bags for each of the girls at Zoe's party. They can carry their tea cups home in them.
This is fabric I'm going to make a table cloth from and Danette can
use it to go with the theme of the party instead of a paper table cloth!

1 comment:

Amy said...

I LOVE that material....so cute! What awesome treats they will be receiving for their tea party! Be sure & take pics of the finished projects before you send them off, ok!