21 November 2009

#323 Doing my bit for the economy.

I don't think there is much I could add to my arsenal of cold remedies. Remind you, that I also have homemade chicken noodle soup enough to outlast this cold! Our local pharmacy must know me by sight now, which is okay. I'd hate the thought of having to drive more than 5 minutes to a drug store, so I'll support the locals whenever possible; even though the prices are much too high. I just want to feel better. I have much more to do than to spend my days on the couch watching episodes of "Gilmore girls"... (although I am enjoying them immensely)!
This really is quite absurd because I'm the one who normally chases my colds away with echinacea , zinc and Vit C plus lots of water. It didn't work this time.

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