27 November 2009

#329 The 3-Week-12-Hour Bread Recipe

Jack and his recipes. It all began with a newspaper....Sourdough Starter...only takes 3 weeks to "start". Okay...I did that and the waiting was not fun. Finally, I was able to bake my sourdough bread yesterday. All I can say is it is a good thing I started early in the morning!
(Yes, I'd neglected to read the recipe before I began.) The FIRST rising of the dough ONLY took 8 hours. OMG! Then 2 hours. Then 1 hour. Then bake it for another hour.
So late at night, the entire house smelled of fresh bread baking. Mmmmmm, I think I like that better than apple pie.
This morning, here are the loaves. One is loaded with kalamata olives. The only real problem I had with the entire process is it calls for regular flour and not whole wheat flour. So I actually purchased some unbleached, (I never could understand Clorox in flour), all purpose flour just for this bread.
The photo doesn't show how HUGE these loaves turned out, but trust me, they are large. The next time, I'm going to make four rounds instead.

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