11 November 2009

#313 A Keeper! (Both the recipe & the hubby)

For years I have complained about no one baking me a HOMEMADE birthday cake. Today is my birthday. I got home from work yesterday and smelled something cooking in the kitchen. I yelled out, "It doesnt' smell like birthday cake to me!"
Jack was cooking dinner and had onions going in a skillet. So he made dinner and the evening passed as usual.
This morning I got up...took my sweet time upstairs messing around with just about everything I touched. Then I came downstairs and yelled out, "It smells like matches burning!" Jack replied he had lit a fire.
Again, I took my time getting into the kitchen. FINALLY, the phone rang and I entered the kitchen to find a THREE LAYER birthday cake and voltive candles lit!
Jack had made the cake yesterday. The onions were to cover the smells of the cake. It is a spice cake with chopped prunes and cream cheese frosting.
He has never baked before. He found a recipe in the newspaper and went with it. Evidently he had to call Kari for help then a neighbor for another tip.
I know it isn't just the fact that he made the cake for me, or the fact that I had cake for breakfast...but this was the best cake EVER!
So the recipe is a keeper and Jack needs to be cloned. He amazes me.
He even took photos to "chronicle" his first baking attempt! (Maybe I can get him to go back to France if I promise him some classes in French cooking!)

As I was eating it, he informed me that there are 450 calories in a serving and 16 servings to the cake! Guess I'll be walking today!


Amy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my sweet friend!! That cake looks amazing....eat a piece for me please! And yes, I'd say he's a keeper. ;-)

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