08 November 2010

Books Anyone?

Books, books and more books! Did we have them at our book sale this weekend!
I went after work on Friday to help set up and we were there forever. The books just never stopped. We ran out of table space and had them in boxes on the floor.
Then I helped with the sale on Satuday. I should have stopped at that point because the hard part was packing them all up again and loading them in a shed. We are passing them along to another small town library so they can add them to their sale.
I also made sure the school was open for the quilt show and that it was locked up safely each day when they were finished. It was such a nice show and it felt weird that I was not involved with it.
This is the first quilt show I have not helped with but I quit the group due to no time to do any thing with them.
Books. Quilts. They are all good. Never enough of either.

(Yes, I bought some to take home...what was I thinking?!)


soggibottom said...

There are never enough books in the world. What on earth they are doing in this pic I can't imagine.... :-) x x x
I would have taken some home too.

Terrie said...

I'd love to see your quilts.

Sandee said...

Quilts will show up after I'm unemployed! I'll make one now and then, but I'll start cranking them out when I have time to REALLY mess up my sewing room!