01 November 2010


My Grandma Fortune, who passed away around 1972, has been in my dreams many times lately. I thought I better post a photo of her and tell you a teensy bit about her. First, her name was Lanksie Hanks (Voil) Fortune.
With a name like Lanksie Hanks, don't you just have a little clue as to what type of a person she was?
Oh yeah.... you got it! Mischievous might be one word I'd use. Overflowing with life.
She was a quilter. Hand pieced all her work and hand quilted them. We had a HUGE family and each of us got quilts from Grandma Fortune. Amazing now that I know what kind of work goes into a quilt.
She loved baseball. Back then, Seattle had a baseball team called the Rainiers. The stadium was a couple miles from Grandma's and she walked to the stadium on "Ladies' Night" when the women got in free! Otherwise, she was glued to her radio, in her rocking chair, piecing and listening to the games.
She also listened to Country and Western music and she sang out the gospels loud and clear... with or without her radio.
She made the best chocolate cake and sweet ice tea. (Yes, Amy, I said "sweet"....I didn't know any better when I was a kid. I loved it sweet....now, I need mine plain.)
We have a wild card game we play in our family and we call it "Neutz". Some know it by other names, but that's it for us. Anyway, you all get your own deck of cards and basically play your own "solitaire" game only you get to use everyone's Aces, etc. It gets wild....we even stand up to play when it gets tense. I swear Grandma used to cheat but I was a kid and maybe I was just mad that she always won. All I know is she loved playing that game and so did I!
In my photo, Grandma and Grandpa William Henry Fortune were celebrating one of their anniversaries. They celebrated by dressing up and having family around them with a big ole cake every year.
Grandma Fortune didn't have much but what she had she shared with others. Her house had a revolving door on it and it was never locked. Going to Grandma Fortune's house was never a quiet experience, but it guaranteed fun and laughter.
I miss her still.
It makes me sad when I realize my daughters never got a chance to know how wild and crazy my grandma was. But then, maybe they know by looking at my mom....she's so much like Grandma in so many ways. I certainly hope that I am like my mom in so many ways too.


Amy said...

Oh, what an awesome story....I'm so glad you shared it!! Sounds like I would've enjoyed knowing your g'ma! And William Henry Fortune.......I need to ask Maw, but I swear that was one of Mema's brothers names. I KNOW there was an uncle William....he lived in Roanoke, VA......can't wait to ask her about it now!

Terrie said...

Glad to share your good memories. In the older days women were good in all sorts of houseworks, needle works and cooking. You've the wisdome and genes of Grandma.

Allan said...

I believe we may be related. William Henry Fortune was my Great-Grandfather. My Grandfather was William Jr. who lived in Kent Washington until the 8-'s when he moved to Arizona. Does any of that ring a bell?

Sandee said...

Allan, I do believe your mom and I are first cousins. Is her name Connie? What a small world that you found my blog!!!

Allan said...

lennyalli said...

I came across your blog while doing family history research. Lanksie Voil is my husband's Great-Grandmother. I have not seen the Hanks name before. I would love to know more if you have the time. lennyalli@yahoo.com