20 November 2010

It's Strong to Me

I think I drink strong coffee; that is until I visit my girls and see how much coffee they put into their "mud brews". I'm going to let you be the judge. (This bag is not the brand I buy...I buy fair market, shade grown organic coffee  but for some reason, the only bags available for the ground up coffee beans are the Buckmaster bags.)  Anyway, this bag held one pound of grounds.
I decided to find out how long it lasts me and how many 11-oz cups I get from one pound.
When I make a pot of coffee, it will last 2-3 days. I drink 2 cups of coffee a day and some weekend days, I may drink an extra cup. So let's say I average 2.25 cups a day.
One pound of coffee cost me $7.95.
I got about 70 cups out of this bag. Again, those were 11-oz cups.
That makes the cost of my coffee about 11 cents a cup.

At our local drive-thru espresso, Brewed Awakenings, plain coffee is 50 cents - an Americano is $1.00
I buy the Americano and give a 50 cent tip whenever I buy coffee there.
Dutch Brothers, closer to and in Medford, is $1.50 for the same Americano.
Starbucks in Medford is almost $2.00 for the same Americano - (it's been about two years since I've been there as it is at a book store and it's 22 miles away, for crying out loud!) It may only be $1.80.

Of course, when I'm traveling or in town, I don't drink more than one cup a day. That's another thing, it can last me 4 hours before it's gone!

Brewing your own coffee certainly does save.
And the part about what is strong? I most likely don't drink mine strong at all. Considering just how many cups I get out of that one little pound of coffee.
I think it is all in how much you enjoy that cup of java.
And I do enjoy mine. Mild, hot, cold, days old..... I still like it.


Amy said...

We defintiely drink ours 'weak' compared to most folks. The directions on the container say 1 Tbs./per serving or 8 Tbs./per 10 cups. We use 1 tsp...TEASPOON/per two cups water.....or 6 tsp. for the whole pot full.

Sandee said...

Weak coffee and sweet tea!

Amy said...