26 November 2010

Happy Black Friday

Whoever came up with the name "Black Friday" anyway? We are NOT going shopping today. I refuse to even look at the sale papers. If I truly needed something, I might take a peek. But at this stage in my life, I'd rather get rid of stuff than buy more.
Jack has a different opinion. He and Mom poured over the papers. I think they compared ads... for what, I have no clue! They would shout out to me something they'd found like a special Michael's ad with 50% off your entire order. I'd shout back, "not interested."
Shopping under most conditions is NOT an activity I prefer to do...it is at the BOTTOM of my bucket list!

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Amy said...

The girls & I went out & did our regular grocery shopping & met Maw & Wendy for lunch at Chickfila. Really wasn't bad at all......I guess all the 'crazies' had gone home & gone to bed by then. LOL