27 November 2010

Time for Mom to Go Home

When I realized our jigsaw puzzle was finished, I told Mom it was time for her to go back home because I didn't have any more puzzles.
Sadly, she had to fly home yesterday. We had the best visit ever so the time just flew by us.
We sat and put this 1,000 piece puzzle together and chatted and chatted. One thing would remind us of something else. We brought up old memories, good times, great laughs and loving people. (Sigh)... I miss Mom already!


soggibottom said...

Ah, till next time. You will have to find a harder puzzle so she has to stay longer :-) x x x

Amy said...

I LOVE that puzzle!

Terrie said...

Beautiful work ! I was away for some 10 days and just read all your lovely news. Nice that you had a great time with Mum.