07 March 2011

Bathroom Remodel Mid-Way

I think we might be mid-way. It sure feels like it. So here is the vanity area before remodel. Bathroom was carpeted. Toilet faced the single sink.

Now, there is a curved privacy wall around where the toilet will go. The floor has been tiled.

This looks into the toilet area and back at our walk-in shower and tub area.

This is what started the whole project.... enlarging the closet. So here is one area. To the left is the "secret" room I want to make for the younger grandkids.

This is the area added to the right of our existing closet. Jack added a window which is really cool. Of course, I have to stand on a step-stool to see outside. I feel like the place was made for me with the low ceilings. Jack has to duck down but I walk right along just fine. Of course, he can see out of the window without his stilts on!
The carpet has arrived in the store so we are awaiting a call from the installer to have the closet carpeted.
Jack has the vanity made but it won't dry in our damp weather. He is going to try putting a little heater in the room where the vanity, drawers and doors are so it will help them to dry. It will still need to be sanded and another coat of polyurethene applied. Then it will be ready to install and we can call the granite folks.
Then the plumber. And who knows what after that. Shelves will have to be built in the added closet, rods hung, shelves put back in areas we had them before the remodel, etc. Lots of details left so it will be awhile.
Yes, I am dreaming about how to decorate the bathroom. Moi! I don't have the foggiest clue about decorating and here I am having dreams. See what peeking in on other blogs is doing to me?


Amy said...

Looking good. I want to come for a visit! ;-)

Terrie said...

Such a big project. Wanna to see the outcome.