09 March 2011

Surprise for Both of Us

Weeks ago, I signed Jack and me up for a LOCAL cooking class. Since he loves to experiment in the kitchen and cut out recipes to try, I figured he would enjoy the class. I knew he would NOT want to spend the money on the class so I didn't tell him what I had done.

The day of the event, a co-worker reminded me about the class, which I had promptly forgotten because I was keeping it a secret. Well it ended up being a secret from myself too!
I told Jack he had to be ready to go somewhere with me and he couldn't say "no" because I had already committed us. That started him worrying about what kind of volunteer work I had signed up for! I assured him he didn't have to do much except enjoy the evening. No hammering, no need for his tape measure.

Of course, he asked a zillion questions until I refused to answer any more.
I snuck two aprons into my bag and away we went. There were about 20 people there as that is the number they wanted to "work" with.

I think Jack was surprised but perhaps I was even more surprised because we did not get to do anything except sit and listen and sample now and then. 'Couldn't help chop or anything. It was still fun but disappointing.
Hey, it was something out of the norm for us to be doing.

I didn't want to use my flash and disturb the crowd so here are a couple photos I managed.
The owner of the restaurant is on the right and our teacher is on the left.

Jack sampling some gazpacho.

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