07 March 2011

Saturday Fun

I have been a volunteer for our library for 20 years.  I work at the school so I can ask for art or teach some classes on my own time, (since art no longer exists in our school thanks to No Child Left Behind!). Since I know the artists, I can ask them to display their art and since I helped write the grant for the hanging system, I am now the art liasian between the library, the school and the local artists' group. Now mind you, I never volunteered for the job, the job was just given to me so it is now mine.

Saturday, I met two artists early and helped them remove their paintings and carry them to their cars in the rain. Then I met two more artists and helped them carry their art inside, (still raining), and hang their work.
Finally, I got to remove all of the student artwork that had been on display. I loved looking at their simple fish once again. Now I get to try and locate the kids and return their paintings.
... and try and come up with a way to get more children's artwork to display in in these lovely frames. Hmmmmmm...


soggibottom said...

There can never be enough art in the world. Never enough art teacher's.
Give a child a pencil and their imagination can take them miles further than any plane could possibly do....
Art and music..... both sounds of the soul.... (they all need to be able to cook and sew too :-) )
Great work Sandee. :-) x x x

Amy said...

Awesome art work. I LOVE those frames!!