27 March 2011

Catching Up

I have been out of the picture lately with my blog. So sorry about that for my friends and family who actually somewhat care about what I post. I had the "crud" and it just hung around too long for me to do too much. Posting was near the bottom of my "To Do" list. But I'm back. I think I still have the crud but I'll let my doctor decide that on Tuesday morning when I see her!

Meanwhile, my spring break is in it's final hours. I must return to work tomorrow. I have dirty clothes and a dusty house to prove that I have been AWOL for a long, long time. But..... I figure even the dirt and dust can wait until I take care of it one evening at a time!

We made it to see Kari, Danette and our five grandkids. Finally! It had been 7 months since we had seen them and that is one very, very long time. All five grandchildren grew taller, Kari got thinner - too many changes to list. It's just too long to go between visits.

Okay.... so on with the show...or should I say snow:

Going over the Siskiyous Mountains (mountains...Amy...REAL ones). We were stopped for 25 minutes as folks put chains on their vehicles.

We stopped for lunch and as we were eating, we actually felt an earthquake! Seriously, it shook our car two good times so "Welcome to California!"

At Danette's we found these chicks keeping warm in her kitchen. Cute little peeps... reminded me of my Grandma Orme with all her chicks keeping warm behind the wood burning cook stove.

Our youngest grandchild, Kai, had grown so much it shocked me. Here he is all curled up on a tall chair.

Zoe now has her front teeth back. How tall and beautiful she is. She is one great reader too and so much fun to listen to.

Boys are so goofy, aren't they?

We found one day of decent weather and took the kids for yogurt.
I don't doubt that it is a "healthy choice" but once the kids dive into the gummy worm type toppings, the "healthy" just seems to melt away.

Thank-you smile for Grampie.

 Those gummy worms were a bit much for me to watch going down!

It may appear that they enjoy each other's company...but some days, they are not even "friends." Go figure!

On to Kari's house and sure enough....it snowed the first day!

Josh got locked out in the cold.....

 Here they are.... my big boys. Josh..9th grade. Jacob...7th grade. and Jarod...4th grade. I have a feeling I'm going to be the runt of our family! (Oh wait, I can't...Mom already owns that title!!!... I love you, Mom!)

We lucked out with Kari's GREAT cooking!

I even got to take Josh out to practice his driving. Heaven help me! (Actually, he was a very good newbie!)
 Jarod with a big grin.

On our way home, we once again, we stopped for lunch in the mountains. Too much snow for me!

...not too much snow for some boys climbing the piles!

Now we are home, sweet home and it does feel good. More later and thanks for checking in on me!!


Amy said...

Looks like y'all had a good time despite the snow! ;-) Glad that you're feeling better too! OMG.....are y'all REALLY gonna come this fall??? Ashley will definitely come home for the weekend from school if YOU come!

Kate Wille said...

Sandee! I was wondering where you took off to! Glad you had a good visit with your beautiful family.

soggibottom said...

Adorable kids Sandee. I actually look forward to your posts :-)xxx