29 March 2011

Forgot One...

I forgot to post this photo I took at a gas station. Our gas is somewhat cheaper than CA. We can actually find it for about $3.65 a gallon. It was $4.15 a gallon around Placerville. Each time I tried to grab my camera for the shocking signs, I missed the opportunity.
Compared to European prices, we have been "spoiled" with "cheap" gas prices, however, Europe got smart years ago and they run on clean diesel and tiny vehicles. They don't go for Texas-sized gas-guzzling vehicles to park in front of their homes to one-up the neighbors. Their mass transit system is to drool over. Another area where we are life times away from them. Here in the West, we can't even find a bus or a train to hop onto...unless one lives in a larger city and happens to be on a train route.  So we rely on our cars to get where we want to go and we are excited if we get 25 miles to the gallon. 
We are stupid.
(Okay, I'm done...promise!)

Geeze, I'm such a Doofus...I deleted the photo with the gas price of $3.969. Oh well.... you understand my point. The gas corporations are ripping us off.

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