07 March 2011

Granite Chosen

I'll have to wait to post the current photos of the remodel. Here is the granite we chose. It isn't my first, second, third.....etc. choice but it was in our price range. Of course the ones I fell in love with and thought would be perfect were the top of the line. (They don't tell you that as you are looking through the warehouses of granite! They wait until you choose.) We ended up looking for remnants and this is the only one that we felt would work. Honestly, I'm not sure it will because the vanity that Jack has built is about the wildest wood possible! It's called Austrailian Lace Wood. .... to be continued ..

It is hard to tell with a tiny piece of wood that has been oiled and stained three different shades! We shall see.
It is exciting just the same that we will have more space in our closet and changes in the bathroom. A completely different look from what we had before.
We are still a month away from completion. How fortunate we are to have a spare bedroom and bathroom we can use while the remodel is underway. We are very blessed.

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