07 February 2009

#27 Five

Years ago, Oprah brought on stage with her, a wagon full of beef fat that represented the amount of body fat she had lost. Since then, I would visualize my weight goals. When I'd bring in the groceries and lift a 5# sack of flour, I'd think, "This is what I need to lose...my poor heart is working overtime to carry this around all day long."
(Did those thoughts ever motivate me?) Nope. Now, I'm not going to tell you how many 5# sacks I'd have to line up to reach my goal at this point in my life.....but more than this one.
Actually, this one is in celebration. This is how much I have lost recently and this is my next goal as well. My next marker is to lose this sack of flour. (Dang it....does that mean I can't make the pie and bread I had planned for the weekend?) Hmmmmm, I'll think about that awhile.
So I'm not thinking wagons full, just chunks at a time and this is one chunk I do not miss!


Amy said...

Good for you......& as Forrest Gumps says....'That's all I have to say about that'. LOL

We won't talk about how many 5#s of flour I need to lose!! :-P~~~~~

Tammy Townsend said...

I'm with Amy....but you know, I never thought of it like this....make my goals obtainable. I'm with you, starting today...I'm gonna lose one of those 5#s!