19 February 2009

#39 - A Fisherman's Dream

I am taking a break from the home tour as this photo was too good to pass up. As mentioned before, Jack is now a cook. I discovered this inside the spice cupboard. (It's been there for ages but I seem to pay more attention to the little things now that I'm looking for photo ops.) I think he is a dreamer, don't you?
He is headed out fishing today, I'll let you know how he does. By the way, he doesn't bake fish that hot nor does he bake it that long.....he has learned by experience...I just loved the 19" part!


Amy said...

What a great pic. I've never baked fish before. We always fry ours or blacken it on the grill. What other kinds of fishing does he do or just trout? Clay loves to bass fish. Our favorite for eating is Crappie or Striper.

Tammy Townsend said...

Not a fish person here, but love going fishing when invited to go along!! Love the story though! And it is ABSOLUTELY a great photo op!!