11 February 2009

#31 - Therapy

I love the process of kneading bread dough; it is good therapy to me. (Notice you can't see my kitchen with flour hanging from the cabinets, dusting the floor and covering me from head to toe. I actually think I enjoy tossing the flour around as much as the kneading!)


Meg said...

I can smell the bread from here! Mmmm. Do you ever eat a pinch of it raw, like we did when we were kids? I remember dad breaking off the end of a loaf and eating it. The bread would come out of the oven and one loaf would disappear in a couple of seconds (make that bites). Eat a chunk for me! Love you . Me(g)

Amy said...

Mmmm.....I LOVE home-made right out of the oven!! Eat some for me too. ;-)

Tammy Townsend said...

and for me too....I can't even begin to tell you the last time that I had home-made bread. Yum!