26 February 2009

#46 Relaxing past-time

I love to paint seasonal designs on windows....anyone's windows! I just did this one for our local quilt shop. I want her to stay in business so I change her window and spend money when I'm done! Hey, I figure it's my duty to spend to help the economy! I leave open spaces as her shop needs the light. And soon, it will be Daffodil Daze in our community!


Amy said...

I love how you painted those windows....very cool! And I'd love to come check out her little shop. you should take pics & show us the INSIDE sometime soon! ;-)

Tammy Townsend said...

That's pretty cool that you get to do that!! Can't imagine the fun that you must have!! And I'm with Amy....take pictures of the inside!! Or is this the same store where you took all the pictures of the fabrics??

Sandee said...

This is the same shop I took photos of the fabric up close. It does deserve a photo inside of the whole shop. The next time I'm there for a class, I'll take a photo with a bunch of quilters doing their thing!
I wish you both were here to explore the shops in our area!!