15 February 2009

#35 House - Part 2

Looking from the living room into the dining/kitchen area. With the passive solar design, the winter sun sits low and shines in to warm the house.
The walls are now a buttery yellow...they would be fire engine red if I had my druthers. Since there are two of us to consider, I decided the red highlights are sufficient. These swing-out chairs were the only furniture we had for months and months as we tried to agree on ANYTHING! Finally, a couch, chair and table were agreed upon....but these served us well - and still do, for that matter.
I do not have a dishwasher because I hope to never take this view for granted. I enjoy standing at my sink washing dishes and breathing in the beauty all around me. In the island is a trash compactor which truly helps when you live in a rural area. We separate everything, recycle, burn papers, compost and crunch up everything else for our bi-yearly trip to the dump.

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Tammy Townsend said...

Okay, so Garrett and I are packing everything up and moving there...got room for us?? Your house is absolutely beautiful and the scenery is so breath-taking! That's like a once in a life time view for some, but you get to see it daily!