07 May 2009

#127 The Reason I Don't Sleep at Night

Loaded to the gills, that's the state of my ole Chevy van. With what, you ask? Items for our Thrifty Fashion Show and Tea, which is this Saturday. We will be potting plants into the tea pots and pitchers today, then setting up the gym tomorrow and pulling the show off on Saturday.

The craziness doesn't really come from the stuff in my van, it comes from the kids. One minute they are in the show, the next they aren't. One minute I have 32 models, the next I have 43. I can't type the program because it changes so fast. One minute two kids are walking out together and the next minute they are "enemies" and couldn't possibly walk out together!
They truly are driving me nutz. At least the event has already made money for the school. We got businesses to sponsor tables at the event so we are "to the good"!

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