25 May 2009

#145 No Garden This Year

I give up! I've asked Jack so many times to fire up the rototiller so I could get the garden tilled but he has had so many excuses. One day, he got it running and I was all excited, then he wouldn't let me run it. In the 18 years we've lived here, I have only once been "allowed" to use the rototiller.
So this is the state our garden is in. He won't hook up the watering system so I've been watering the strawberries and tayberries by hand before I go to work each day. Why, I don't know because they will be in full swing when we leave for Mexico.
...................................Here are the tayberries........poor things.

..............The clover and weeds do better than the berries.

The rubber snakes are to keep the birds out of the berries. The only thing they consistently scare is ME! Every single time I focus on one of them, I jump and let out a yelp!
Can you tell I'm in a grumpy mood? I just wanted a place to grow my flowers, some lettuce and some tomatoes. I have the "place".....I guess I wanted too much in addition to that...like the water and the tilling. I would even use a shovel to turn it all over, but without water while we are away, there isn't any sense to putting in the labor. (sigh)
'guess I'll have to go visit Amy and help her pull weeds and can beans!

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Amy said...

You must remember that I have 4 kids not working a 'real' job yet that help in my garden. And Jon is our Tiller-Man. They each have their own specialties in the garden that they plant/tend to each year. My job is basically the canning part. Of course I DO pick beans & snap, but they do most all of the rest!